May Executive Director Message

May 4, 2022

Hello team Commerce: 

As discussed in our March town hall, we have focused significant efforts on improving internal communication throughout the department. Thank you for weighing in on what you’ve found most helpful in those efforts. Many of you have told us that you do read our monthly internal newsletter and gave some great suggestions on what you would like to see in future newsletters. That feedback is so helpful as we work toward our goal of “One Commerce.” 

In addition to employee town hall meetings and this newsletter, we have also started meeting regularly with our management teams to help understand the challenges they face at a team level and how we can help all employees succeed at their jobs. Last month, as a group, we read the book Smart Growth by Whitney Johnson. This book outlines how we are all on our individual S curves of growth. Those S curves include a launch point, a sweet spot, and a period of mastery. 

On our individual growth journeys, our goal is to recognize where we are on this “S curve of growth” so we can better understand what steps we need to take to continue to grow. When we start on an S curve, it can often feel slow to get to that point. Likewise, when we’ve been on a path for a long time, it can feel like we’ve learned all there is to know. Those are the moments when we may need an opportunity to take on a new curve.

I hope you all feel empowered to ask for the help you need if you’re still at the launch point or ask for new challenges if you’re reaching a feeling of mastery. As a department, we continue efforts to develop a robust training and personal development program to support employees. More information to come as those efforts get underway.

Thank you for all you do.